2nd Flame Training – Scrim vs Dolly Rockits

2 Aug

Djanogly City Academy – 7:00-9:00PM

Goal for today: Understand line ups and player roles slightly better!



31 Jul

Today, I went with a skating buddy to Rollerworld in Derby! Satnav got it all wrong, but buddy got us there!

Our league were having an outdoor skate, but we both didn’t have any outdoor wheels so felt we’d miss out as training was cancelled too. We’d both never been to Rollerworld before, so felt it was a worthwhile expedition!

We decided to wear our knee & elbow pads and wrist guards, but sacked off helmets and gum shields. Must say, we did look over protected! We mainly focused on cross overs, endurance and getting round children!


  • We found our way there and now feel confident to go back
  • Skated for 3 hours with 1 break for a drink!
  • Didn’t get yelled at by the marshals!
  • Get involved with the games (dodgeball, football, tag)

Spark Training

27 Jul

Djanogly City Academy – 7:00-9:00PM

Goal for today: Do a thorough and complete cool down and stretch

A really cool session tonight, practicing fundamental skills as the session was intended for the fresh meat. Similar warm up to yesterday’s flame session. There were lots of people going slower than me, which was useful to attempt to go round them rather than watching everyone else pass me!

After stretching, we paired up and practiced pushing each other around the track. Then we split up into 4 groups; slalom around cones, squats/plank, 1 foot glides and stepping over cones. We rotated through the 4 stations and did this 4 times. I was focusing on making each of the tasks slightly harder for myself. Slalom round cones I tried to do on one foot, squats/plank was hard enough as it is! 1 foot glides I tried to get some lateral movement into it and stepping over cones I tried to use what I learnt yesterday and step through them on my toestops. The last thing we did was to basically play ‘stick in the mud’. This game was brilliant for changing direction quickly, increasing endurance and being aware of where people were.


Today’s session was really enjoyable and fun. The atmosphere was positive and very supportive. Everyone seemed to be improving and it was really nice to watch! I felt happily exhausted by the end and the intense pressure of the day before had dropped away. It was just good fun!


  • Pushed myself further than the task set
  • Maintained a positive mental attitude throughout the session
  • Cooled down properly (!)
  • Really want to improve my one foot skating, especially using my body weight to change direction

1st Flame Training

26 Jul

Djanogly City Academy – 7:00-9:00PM

Goal for today: Drink 1 litre during 2hrs training

Today, we had a guest skater leading the session – Cecee Slam’er from Leeds Roller Dolls. A little daunting to go straight into a jammer based session, but it was brilliant!

Pretty intense warm up (for me!)

  • 1 whistle: touch the floor, 2 whistles: jump.
  • Number 1’s: skate in squat, Number 2’s: sprint.
  • Jumping around the blocker, stationary and rolling.
  • 2 jammers at the front of the pack, 1 whistle, pack drops to a knee. Jammers do 1 lap then step through the stationary pack. Pack returns to skating and 2nd lap, jammers get through moving pack and switch panties.
  • Toe stop running – going from skating to using toe stops to burst around a blocker.
  • Toe stop starts – off the line and can-opening the opposing jammer
  • 3 packs on the track, each have a jammer and an assist. They need to get through the packs together, packs need to prevent them.
  • 2 blockers with a jammer and 1 opposing jammer. Jammers pass the blockers, then jammer needs to catch the opposing jammer. (Not entirely sure about this drill, took me awhile to see what was going on)
  • Using a team mate as a mobile wall to block jammers.
  • ‘Dead or alive’ – scrim situation, 1 minute drill. Jammers count how many opposing players are passed, blockers remember if you’re dead (scored on) or alive.
Today’s session was really hard, both physically and mentally. It didn’t feel like I was ‘getting it’ but rather following what I was seeing others do. I could see people I wanted to hit, and places I wanted to block, but I couldn’t seem to get there in time. I don’t know if this is endurance related or skill related, probably a bit of both. But this is something I’d like to improve. It’s all good to be thinking about what you want to do, but it’s doing it that counts! I seemed to also find one thing I could do, and stick to it. I’d like to get more options under my belt so I can switch it up!
  • Made it through my first Flame session!
  • Drank 1 litre of water rather than my usual 500ml of energy ‘sports’ drink
  • Felt communicative in the pack – made an effort to be aware of jammer and assist’s positions
  • Started to look for people to build walls with
  • Endurance – my lower back still cramps in derby stance, as do my shins.
  • Lateral skating. The faster I can cut the track, the easier it will be to jam and block.
  • Kit – my skates don’t fit properly, my wheels aren’t really suitable for the floor and my mouth guard makes it hard to breathe, drink and talk. All need to be addressed in the next few months.